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Vendor Application

By providing a service to ACF you agree to the following:

  1. Every order will need to have a purchase order (PO) unless otherwise agreed upon.

  2. The PO must be included on all related documents, including work orders and invoices, for easy reference and approval.

  3. Invoices without a PO will not be approved for payment.  

  4. Payment can be made by credit card, depending on the processing fee. If a credit card is kept on file, it may not be used without permission. We will determine which invoices to pay and when.

  5.  Payment is due within a minimum of 30 days from the invoice date. Checks are only issued on Fridays, so please allow a small grace period.

  6. Invoices must be sent via email to Responses to may be delayed.

  7. Collections efforts should be made via email to the same address. Phone calls should not be used for collections.

  8. Deposits will only be given for jobs exceeding $9,999 upon request. Otherwise, the standard payment terms of 15 days will apply.

  9. All Vendors must be approved prior to the start of job(s)​​​​

  10. ​An annual certificate of insurance (COI) must also be submitted.

  11. If products being supplied are intended for food contact, a letter of guarantee from the manufacturer must be submitted prior to the issuance of the PO.

  12. This letter must be updated annually. A blanket letter covering all products or individual letters for each product may be supplied annually.

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Application submitted. Thank you!

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