3 Generations in Business

From the Farming Beginning

In 1955, at age 22, Samuel F. Sorbello and his wife Rose started their own farm with funds from wedding gifts and a used tractor. By 1960 (age 27) Sam had 200 acres of peach trees.


During the same time, Sam and Rose had two sons: Fred and Sam Sorbello. Rose managed the household, the children and helped ensure the quality of the peaches packed exceed expectations and the farm's reputation. 


Over the next 4 years Sam and Rose ran the same peach farming business. Each year the peaches became ripe then were picked, packed and shipped to the market immediately. The competition unfortunately did the exact process flooding the market with peaches driving down prices and Sam and Rose's profits. Sam noticed this and decided the following year would be different. 

To the First Cold Storage Facility

Sam and Rose built there first cold storage facility in 1964 that was only 1500 square feet that could be chilled to 36 degrees F. Along with cold storage, it included a packing shed which washed, sized, sorted, and weighed the peaches. With the cold storage in place, Sam held the last 6000 bushels of his harvest, waited a few weeks for the demand to be greater than the supply then sold his peaches at triple the value. 


The success of the cold storage brought attention from other larger farmers. Sam reacted by building a cold storage for frozen foods such as blueberries and seafood. By 1978, the attention was not only local anymore. Sam built, in reaction to a meat importer customer's request, the first USDA inspection facility in the Philadelphia area. Many other meat importers moved their product to Sam's cold storage known as Mullica Hill Cold Storage from New York facilities. Soon after Mullica Hill Cold Storage and Philadelphia dominated the meat import business. 

The Next Generations

In 1985 Sam F Sorbello retired and the two sons (Fred and Sam) continued the business. Growth came throughout the late 1980's, 1990's and 2000's with Atlantic Coast Freezers being the first acquisition. Sam J Sorbello and his wife Colleen purchased Atlantic Coast Freezer in 2006. Atlantic Coast Freezers is the last standing 100% family owned and operated business left from the days of the peaches and you can still find the personal touch and hard work found over 55 years ago. 


Today Atlantic Coast Freezers continues to grow with Sam J Sorbello's son, Jeff Sorbello joining the operation.  The two are committed to the success of their customers by growing and adapting to meet the new challenges of the cold storage and meat import industries. 

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