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Import Handling & Inspection

  • Coordination with drayage carriers for scheduling and delivery of containers to ACF.

  • Offloading and palletization of container contents per customer desired sorting or configuration.

  • Facilitation of USDA inspection to allow product to enter US commerce, under approved Establishment # I-10.


Temperature controlled freezers, coolers, and dry storage for imports and over-the-road deliveries upon availability.

Value Add & Fulfillment Services


  • The process of thawing frozen product and repackaging into combo bins for ease of handling for later processors.


  • Thawing frozen product to desired temperature without repackaging.

    Blast Freezing

  • Blast and slow-freezing capabilities upon availability.

    Microbiological and Fat Content Sampling

  • Employing partner laboratories to acquire test results for E.coli 0157, STECs, APC, Salmonella, fat content under MICA guidelines, and more.


  • Sorting, case picking, upstacking/downstacking, weight capture, pictures, etc.

​Export Services

ACF works with USDA to certify meat and poultry products for export. Depending on the destination country's requirements, ACF can produce export documents, floor load containers, and secure Veterinarian signatures.

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