​Blast Freezers

ACF's blast freezers allow products to freeze fast. Usually between 48-72 hours.

Boxing and Freezing

Meat and poultry products boxed into your desired fixed or catch weights. After boxing, product is moved into blast freezers. Product is frozen in between 48-72 hours after it is boxed. 

Cutting Services

This is our newest service. Our HACCP plan allows us to cut pork, goat and lamb into any spec or SKU. 

​Export Services

ACF works with USDA to certify meat and poultry products for export. Depending on the country's requirements ACF can produce export docs, floor load and get vet signatures.

Fat and Micro Testing​

Sampling and testing of product with partner labs including fat testing under MICA guidelines, E.coli 0157 and 6 STECs, salmonella, APC and more.

Imported Meat Inspection

ACF works with USDA to get imported products inspected and passed to allow entry into commerce.

​Metal Detection

All repacked boxes automatically go through the metal detector to ensure no product adulteration. Products suspected of having metal can be scanned as a way to have it third party inspected prior to it shipping to an end user. 

​Naked Block

Removal of cardboard and plastic liner from trimming or other frozen products and restacked in a pallet sized container. End users do not have the hassle of deboxing or trash. 

Tempering and Deboxing

This process starts with tempering frozen product for 48-72 hours. This gets the product to a fresh like state usually between 28-30 degrees or to a desired temperature. Then the product is broken apart from its block like shape and put into combos which ship fresh. 


ACF's tempering rooms allow products to go from 0 degrees to a desired temperature (20-28 degrees depending on preference) in 48-72 hours. 

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